KANDHARI TRAVELS is an operator specialized in the travel management of the various ethnic groups.
Kandhari Travels is a IATA Accredited Agent and provides air ticketing services and access to a simplified flight booking system and useful services to ethnic travel agencies. The system, easy and intuitive, allows you to easily book flights with all the airlines in the world, using special rates for passengers of ethnic type (emigrant, labour, VFR, etc.).
If you are a Ethnic Travel Agency , contact us in order to have access to the tool and rates and become one of our Travel Consultants.
If you do not have an agency, you're a foreigner or of foreign origin and you want to work with your community, you can become our Travel Advisor.
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Kandhari Travels - Via E. Schivardi, 12 - Romano di Lombardia (Bergamo)
info@kandharitravels.com +39 0363 912 500